About us

Rooth-Invest is a young and independent investment company that has been founded in 2015 after selling our internationally successful family-owned business in agrotechnology. Our office is located in the Villa Flora building at the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo. With Rooth-Invest, we aim to catalyse growth of late-stage start-ups, scale-ups as well as established companies with a potential for further growth, primarily located in the The Netherlands. We predominantly invest in companies within the agro & food, high-tech and sustainable technology sector. However, the future potential of a company, its products, and especially its people, are paramount.

To us, investing in a company means starting a partnership in which we can be of added value. Therefore, we do not only invest financially, but we also support companies on a strategic and operational level by using our extensive knowledge and our network contacts. Collaboration is the key to success. By creating a long-term relationship, we invest in more than the company itself, we invest in the greatest asset of a company: its people. To strengthen our investment proposition, we invest always with an investment partner that can add value in terms of capital and knowledge. Rooth-Invest invests with its own capital. This gives us significant flexibility in our investment approach. For example, we do not have to adhere to a strict investment horizon.

The management of Rooth-Invest consists of the brothers and founders Henrik and Laurens Beelen.

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Henrik Beelen

Growing up in the family-owned business, Henrik (1990) became interested in technology at an early age. He studied Electrical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology, where he obtained the MSc. degree. Subsequently, he obtained the PhD. degree in control systems technology, specialising in battery management systems. After that, he worked as a research engineer at an electronics company in the automotive sector in Australia. There, he carried out research to develop new products for electric vehicles. His interests in research, innovation and technology, together with his entrepreneurial background, have led to the decision to found Rooth-Invest with Laurens.

Laurens Beelen

Laurens (1991) grew up in the entrepreneurial and innovative environment of the family-owned business. Here, he developed his passion for technology and entrepreneurship. He studied Mechatronics at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Venlo and followed several Masterclasses in Business and Investing during and after his studies. Following his interests in entrepreneurship and investing, he started funding companies through crowdfunding, not long after beginning his studies. This was in the early days of the now well-known and wide-spread crowdfunding phenomenon. His experience with this new approach to financing, as well as his continually growing knowledge of investing, have led to founding Rooth-Invest and its first investment.

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